Lens Work is a photography/art studio near Carlaw and Dundas specializing in Classes/Workshops, Photo-based Art Production & Resin Coating .
PHOTO STUDIO is available to rent for $30/hr (block rates available). The studio is approx 1400 sq feet. Includes lighting kit, internet, lounge area (with TV/netflix), full kitchen and full bathroom with shower, make-up and change area.

We have classes for both Adults & Teens....have a look at our current list /schedule and please email us if you have any questions.

We are located at 1138 Dundas St E (just west of Carlaw).

UPCOMING  FALL 2019 classes & workshops>   ( more coming SOON!)

SEP 15 - NEW!   Photo Image Transfer  Workshop -$150
SEP 24- NEW! Digital Photography for Teens /Tweens -"After School Program" - $150
SEP 25 - PHOTO 101 "The Basics"- Beginner to Intermediate 7-9pm -$200
SEP 29 - NEW ! "Street Photography" ONE DAY Workshop 9am-5pm -$150
OCT 5 - Resin Art workshop with paint, ink & other materials- Weekend Workshop -$225
OCT 26/27 - Weekend Photo Workshop for Teens/Tweens - “Fall Colours” 2019 -$150
NOV 7- “Adobe Lightroom for Digital Photographers” thurs. eve classes 6-10. 4 classes - $200
NOV. 10 - Working with and Producing Photo / Art Works with Epoxy Resin 10am-5pm -$225

See CLASSES & WORKSHOPS for more info


Run by Len van Bruggen IV (and assisted by skilled professional artists/educators), Lens Work has been running classes & workshops in Toronto for over ten years.

We specialize in Epoxy Resin coating, CUSTOM Photo Art production and 'alternative' presentation techniques from digital media. 



 "I took the beginner class and wow I finally realized how to use more than the auto button as well as how to take some awesome shots.Thanks for the help Len!"  - Allan G.

" I took a photography class years ago, so I have some experience, but needed a refresher badly and this fit the bill perfectly. Len himself taught the class and I must say he a really nice guy and he did a great job,  the four classes covered all the main bases, from camera basics, composition,  editing and lighting. Well worth it and highly recommended. "  -  Michael C.

 "Took a  course on introduction to SLR photography, and was rather impressed with the course material as well as the various instructors who taught through the weeks. The course offered information at a basic level to get people acquainted with their DSLR and Point&Shoot camera very well. Each class was well laid out and there was ample time given to individuals for 1-1 discussions to address specific questions or concerns."   - Uday M.

 "I took two classes at the lens factory. One for beginner dslr photography and another for Photoshop. I found the classes a great value and I learned a lot. I had taken classes with at henry's school of photography and I found these ones MUCH better.
The Photoshop Lightroom class was clear,easy to follow and well presented.
Len's beginner photo class was fun and I finally 'clicked' with understanding shutter,aperture etc. Len's quirky humor,insightful presentation and technical knowledge was much appreciated in the group that I was in.
Highly recommended at any price!"
- Derek C. 

 "I took the intermediate courses and I thought overall it was excellent.  The instructor was extremely knowledgeable and gave us great tips on using not only our DSLRs but also post processing software such as Photoshop.  They did a great job at assessing what the experience level of our group was and then catered the course towards some of the key things we wanted to learn as a group.  Highly recommended for beginners as well as experience amateurs that what to brush up on some basics. " - Allan C.

 "I highly recommend the photography classes offered .If you're looking for a boring, highly structured, instructional seminar that provides you with formulas for various situations, then this isn't the class for you. Len offers a unique and artistic look at photography that encourages us to explore the use of our cameras to take more interesting photos. Len provided me with the basics about composition and about the functions of my camera and let us go. He encouraged us to ask questions and he provided us with advise on how we might solve any of the challenges we're faced with while taking photos. Len also shared his expertise in photo editing, demonstrating how to enhance our photos or to make them true works of art....And he's pretty entertaining too! Len kept the lessons interesting and made me laugh throughout all five lessons. Len and his special guests and instructors will provide you with a foundation to take more interesting artistic photos. I'm looking forward to learning more from them in the future." - Frank A.

 "I just finished my Beginner/intermediate class at with Len, as our instructor. He was very knowledgable and went above and beyond to answer all questions posed by our class.
I took a beginners class at the AGO this summer and was refunded mid-way through because I found the instructor to be stuck up and unwilling to share "tricks of the trade" with, what he clearly saw as, inferior photography enthusiasts. That was the most refreshing thing about my experience . Len is un-pretentious and open to all creative opinions, not just his own. He gave usual advise on various photography scenarios and was interactive with all explanations.
If you're a novice photographer looking for a hands on experience, I highly recommend this course. Where some classes spend a lot of time explaining the history of photography, this one gets you up on your feet, shooting the first day in. I would say that after this course, I'm a more confident photographer and will be taking a workshop through them again."
- Nicole C. 

“Len was thoroughly informative with his hands on approach to the workshop. It was more than that though, it was an artistic experience- being surrounded by the art in the gallery, and to then be a part of the process of creating gallery standard work was inspiring and confidence building. The Epoxy Resin class was not only a concise step by step process, but it made the once daunting task seem manageable, it allowed us to learn how to overcome creative obstacles with an industry professional.”  - Colt Iggulden, T.V. production and Visual Artist

"I was hopeless with photography before taking a class at Lenswork. I was convinced nothing could teach me proper photography. Very patient and experienced instructors that gave me great tips and allowed me to experiment. I love the photos I take now."
- Christine U.

"I literally bought a digital camera and it sat in my closet for two years collecting dust. Decided it was time to stop being afraid and took it to the class at Lenswork. I am so proud of myself and now am confident in my digital photo taking."
- Lynn R.

"My family photos from Christmas came out great, everyone was commenting on them and asking if I had taken a course. Clearly Lenswork helped!"

- Robin T.

"This boutique gallery runs great photo and art classes. They were running an opening promotion that I took advantage of and I don't regret it.

I have had a digital camera for a few years now, but felt I could really improve my skills. I learned the operation of my camera, composition, a bit about editing and a lot of great ideas. There were handouts, video monitor presentation, lectures and we also all went out and shot around little india.
All in all a great class and I have signed up for another."

-Mark G. 

"When I had a new baby AND a new DSLR...I thought it time to learn how to use it.I wanted to learn more than just shooting on 'auto".There are many classes in the GTA for photography...but I heard about this place through a friend and thought I would give it a go. I learned quite a bit as the classes were easy to follow and a lot of fun. It was a comfortable environment, small classes, and a great instructor. I now understand how my camera 'works' and my photos have dazzled more than a few of my friends. Highly recommended!"

- Melissa F. 

"Had a great time taking a photo course here and learned quite a bit. It was a fun class and I am going to sign up for another. 

The class was taught by Len, the director, and his technical skills and ideas made it very easy to understand more about the 'art' of photography.

I was pretty clueless how to use my DSLR but now have a good understanding of how it works. The ideas about composition and light I have used to great effect as well.

The seating was comfortable and presentation easy to follow.Parking was nearby and there was coffee and snacks as well! They put a lot of effort into making sure we had a positive experience. :)"

- Christina W. 

I took the introduction to photography weekend boot-camp and thoroughly enjoyed it. I had some previous exposure to photography through personal learning, yet I learned a ton from the session. The course is a nice blend of basic technical exposure, along  with analysis of photographs taken by students during the course. Len himself is a wonderful photographer and emphasizes creativity more than technical acumen.

I would definitely recommend those new to photography to take the introduction to photography class. I haven't taken any other classes, but if its the same caliber, then I have no doubt it would be worthwhile.

- Samad R.

I've always wanted to learn how to take better photos and become a better photographer but have had my DSLR sit in the camera bag in the closet of my room for over a year because I didn't know where to start with it - there are so many buttons, functions, modes and settings! 

So, I finally decided to enroll in a photography class and signed up for the Photo 101 - Weekend Bootcamp. At first I thought that trying to cram 12 hours of learning into one weekend would be tedious and too much information to take in at once, but was happily surprised to find this weekend course to be so enjoyable. 

The class was very interactive and hands-on - not boring to sit through at all!

Len (the instructor) was not only very knowledgeable but great at taking the class through all the fundamentals of the camera in a very easy to understand way (he showed every individual how to adjust the settings on their unique model and made sure everyone understood the basics). He was also very helpful, happy to answer questions and excellently resourceful (gave many recommendations for choosing the best lens depending on what type of pictures you are interested in taking: street photography, landscape etc.).

I learned a lot about my camera and the art of photography in just one weekend - definitely a great value for the price! I was very impressed with the class and would definitely be interested in taking another course with Lens Work.

If you are looking to pick up photography as a hobby and do not know where to start, then you need to look no further - this is the place for you!

Extra points: There's a really cute artsy coffee shop directly across the street that serves great coffee and delicious pastries/cake. You should definitely check out this coffee shop during the break!

- Alicia L.

This was a very awesome course! I got everything i wanted out of it, and more. I needed the bascis of how to use my camera. I got the basics plus got introduced to things (such as editing...) which are way above my ability to understand at this point but gald to know the possibilities are there. The instructor is knowledgeable, accessible and create a great atmospher in the course. It was a very enjoyable intro to digital photography!

- Fanny H.

Great course, instructor is very knowledgeable and a very competent  photographer with a good eye as well. I would recommend this course to novices and to experienced photographers alike.

- Brian W.