Run by Len van Bruggen IV (and assisted by skilled professional artists/educators), Lens Work has been running classes & workshops, and producing photo-based artworks in Toronto for over seven years.

We specialize in Epoxy Resin coating, CUSTOM Photo Art production and 'alternative' presentation techniques from digital media.

PHOTO STUDIO IS AVAILABLE for $30/hr. Block rates available . Please contact.


Len van Bruggen IV is the founder and owner of the Lens Work and has been running classes & workshops in Toronto for over ten years. 

It all started with small workshops in 2007 at the Lens Factory gallery on Queen St. W....

Why not try one of our classes and see why we are so well recommended !


ABOUT Len van Bruggen IV

I have displayed my Fine Art photographs in a number of venues and shows. My artwork is available as both limited edition fine art prints, as well as Epoxy Resin coated artworks. I am currently available for select commissions, commercial and wedding photography.

For examples of my photography, have a look HERE.

As well as leading photography classes, I am available for one on one consultation and teaching. 

MORE ABOUT Len van Bruggen IV

- Studied at Ontario College of Art & Design (OCAD) -1991 to 1994

- Well versed and proficient in the use of Digital SLR , 'Mirrorless' and P&S cameras as well as the use of external lighting (flashes etc.)

- Proficient in the use of the Adobe line of software editing programs ( Photoshop , Lightroom etc.), on both Mac and PC, with a strong knowledge of Soft-proofing and professional quality digital printing essentials.

- Website layout and design

- Fine-art production/presentation using 'Epoxy-Resin' coating techniques.


The majority of the work presented here on this site was shot using ..

FILM - Rollei 35, Olympus XA , Voigtlander Bessa

DIGITAL - Canon 20d/30d, 5d     Panasonic Lumix LX2/LX3, GF1,GH2Fuji X100


For my current work, though I am experienced, and have use of 'full-frame' DSLR Cameras (Canon 5D,L lenses etc.), I prefer using the newer 'mirrorless' cameras. I find they give the best balance of 'professional quality' files with the advantage of being quiet and discreet.

CURRENT EQUIPMENT 2018 - Fuji X100f, Fuji X-Pro cameras and various lenses, external flash lighting and wireless triggers etc.