Gallery Info

Where are you located, is there parking and T.T.C. accessibility? 

We are located at  1138 Dundas St E. There is metered street parking on Dickens St. just behind the building. . We are accessible via T.T.C. either from a short bus trip down from Pape station and with the College 501 streetcar with a short walk down to Dundas (which runs all the way across town from East to West).

Washroom and wheelchair accessible? 

We are located on second floor with two flights of stairs, so we are unable to offer proper wheelchair accessibility . We have clean modern bathroom on site.

What are your hours? 


BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Please call , text or email for appointment. We are 'open' to walkings most all of the time, but don't want to gaurantee, so please plan accor


Classes and Registration

What do you mean by classes run on consecutive weekly classes?

That means, for example, if you sign up for a class session that starts on a Tuesday evening at 6:30 start, that sessions classes will be on every Tuesday evening (holidays excepted).

How do I register and what payment options are available? 

The registration form (except for Teen Summer Photo Camp) is HERE or linked in the Class/Workshop description.  We accept Cash, Cheque, Credit Card and Interac Email Money Transfer. There is NO debit machine on premises.

Is the 'Boot-Camp' class sessions the same as the regular, weekly classes? 

Yes and no. It is some of the same material and presentation as the weekly classes, but the weekly classes are more in depth as well as covering a lot more material.  We have weekend Boot-Camp sessions for those that are only available on weekends, and for those that wish to learn about digital photography in a short time.

How big are your class sizes and what can I expect as far as presentation material etc.? 

Generally, the class size is restricted to a maximum of 12 students.  The 'Weekend Bootcamp' class maximum is 20, but there is also an extra assistant on hand to help the students with settings and instruction as well.

We have a number of fold-up (comfortable) chairs. As well as printed material / handouts we have a large 50" monitor for presentations. 

If I miss class can I take a make-up class, or can I transfer to another session?

If you inform us ahead of time, we can sometimes make a concession for you to take the same class in another session. BUT it is not our policy or ability to generally allow this.

Are the photo classes just theory or do we take photos as well? 

As well as the presentations and material, we also go out and shoot in the Little India area. *PLEASE DRESS APPROPRIATELY. We will be looking at and reviewing the photos that the students have taken as well.

Do you exhibit photos and artworks from the class students? 

We will now be showing work from students on our website (where we are given permission) . WE WILL ALSO BE HOSTING A SPECIAL EXHIBITION three times a year that the students can take part in. The students can frame their work for exhibition and sale for this special reception. A great way to invite friends and family and experience a 'gallery opening / exhibition' . All proceeds from the sales go directly back to the students.

Equipment and Experience Required


What sort of camera do I need  and can it be a film camera? 

For the Photo 101,Weekend Bootcamp, Composition, and some other classes/workshops (see description) ANY digital camera will suffice, as the fundamentals are the same whether it be a simple 'point &shoot' or a DSLR. For Photo 201 and some other workshops (see description) a camera that has some 'manual' control will be required. ANY DSLR or 'Mirrorless' camera will have this. Advanced point & shoot cameras also have a 'manual' mode.

For the Photoshop, Lightroom and other 'computer' related programs does Lenswork provide the hardware and software? 

We do NOT provide the hardware or software. WE do have a limited number of laptops we can share, if needed, but we ask you bring your own laptop computer. For software, you will be given further instruction (depending on program) but generally, we will have you download and install a 'trial' version of the required software (that is FULLY functional but expires after a certain time) 

Do I need any previous experience? 

For the Photo 101, Weekend Bootcamp and other introductory Please see course descriptions. 

For your painting & other media classes do I need any materials? 

All needed materials will be provided as part of the course fee.