"Intro to Digital Camera / DSLR" One Day BOOTCAMP Workshop


This program is designed for someone new to digital photography, someone that wants to know more about the operation of their camera, and also those that have some knowledge, but are looking to expand their knowledge / approach of using a camera for personal expression.

Learn how to use your camera in this creative, fun and interactive photography class at Lens Work. The four classes are designed to teach you the fundamentals of digital photography. Discover how to use f-stops and shutter speeds to take better photographs. We’ll also discuss composition,editing and imaginative approaches to photography to spark your creativity.

Emphasis is on acquiring knowledge of the manual operation of the camera, becoming proficient in the craft while working to evolve a uniquely personal photographic vision. You will be expected to be an active participant in the class. There will be various lessons, tutorials, slide talks, demonstrations and group critiques to support the technical information you receive. In classroom instruction is balanced with outdoor/studio shooting for a well-rounded, fun and informative experience.



10am to 11am

•  Introductions. The different types / designs of digital cameras and how to best utilize them.

• "We don't 'take' photos', we 'make' photos."  Some ideas and insights for using a digital camera for personal expression.

• Understanding the SHUTTER. Shooting for less 'movement blur'. 

• Selective focus and recomposition. 


11am to 1pm

• "What are all those numbers and dials?" A simple, elegant approach to understanding the measurements and settings of your camera.

• EXPOSURE. Not too hot..not too cold. Easy ways to get it just right. 

• COMPOSITION. Insights, ideas and simple techniques to create more dynamic images.


2pm to 3pm  

• DEPTH OF FIELD and LIGHT SENSITIVITY. More in depth to these two keys functions of ANY digital camera.

• DIGITAL EDITING. A presentation of some of the ideas, software and more importantly..an approach to how we can 'refine' our images with editing. 


 3pm to 5pm

• Using a FLASH when we need more light. Whether built in or external, in this class we will explore how we can effectively use our flash to create images that don't have that 'white-out dark background' look

• Course remedial & questions and answers.


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Materials Needed : Any digital camera of ANY kind

Time :  10am to 5pm (with one hour lunch break)

We offer sessions all year round. For future classes, please check back 1 to 2 months prior to the start dates.

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