Composition and the Creative Art of Pre-visualization


Photography is everywhere, from your facebook photos to magazine covers, but what makes these compelling images? Your subject is critical, but even the most mundane of scenes can be transformed by how you frame your shot (composition) and how you make your subject jump out at your viewer (contrast). In this workshop, we will discover how to produce photos that make our audience stop, observe and reflect on the images we create. Whether interested in art photography, proper documentation of work for portfolios, or just capturing the world around you, this workshop is ideal for aspiring artists and designers. 

Learn from photographer, Len van Bruggen IV, how to think creatively by understanding the basic elements of design: points, lines, planes, shapes, and forms and learn how to incorporate design elements into all your photographs whether taking pictures of people, places or things. From the rule of thirds, pre-visualization, to patterns and lines he’ll show you how to see the world around you in more creative ways. Join this two day illustrative and inspiring workshop that takes you through the many factors that contribute to the making of great photographs. This workshop consists of two five hour sessions on a weekend.  

Cost : $200

Materials Needed : Any Digital Camera

Time : SAT and SUN 10 AM to 4pm (hour break for lunch)

We offer sessions all year round. For future classes, please check back 1 to 2 months prior to the start dates.

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